Posty Car Air Freshener Bundle

Wanna make sure your homie stays smelling Fresh AF? Grab our great bundle deal, and you can keep  your rearview friend fresh n fragrant, and save yourself a couple of bucks too!

Posty Car Air Freshener in Pineapple

These days you can only drive in 'Circles', right? Even if it's just a quick trip to the shops, you can be a 'Rockstar' with your Posty Car Air Freshener! Smells like bubblegum, with Posty's cute little face hanging from your review. Blast Posty from your speakers and everything will be coming up 'Sunflowers'.

Get tight with Posty. Rollin' with your homies was never better than with Snoop hanging from yo' rearview..

Simply slip Snoop from his packaging and hang him from yo' rear view, homie!  And don't forget, when yo' homeboy is no longer poppin' that gum, you can top him up by cooling him down with a squirt from our Baby Got Wax Car Air Freshener Spritzes to him her a fresh burst of life.

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Baby Got Spritz

I'm a helper! I help keep your homies fresh af ! If your Baby Got Wax Car Air Freshener has lost it's scent, never fear - just choose on of our amazing scents from the drop down below and top that bish up!

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